In the early 1700's wealthy nobles from Cosenza decided to build a manor on their estate at the foot of the Pollino mountains, thus establishing the Falvo Manor. The core architecture was completed in 1727 and date stamped on the wall of the main facade of the owners building: the "Casino." The Manor takes shape with the construction of buildings essential to the life of this time: barns, granaries, stables, well, the oven and the church.


After the second world war, the agriculture activities and the manor suffered a slow decline. It wasn't until the early twenty-first century, when the heirs of the youngest of the Falvo family, Quintilio Rosario, decided to take care of the Farm and bring back to its former glory. So the brothers Piergiorgio, Ermanno and Rosario Falvo began the passionate restoration of

the architectural complex, replanting vineyards, olive groves and orange trees, taking care to discover, preserve and enhance all species and varieties. In particular the Lacrima and Moscatello grapes are cultivated in the vineyards, the two most ancient and rich of history.  


Today, the Falvo family is starting to collect the fruits of its labor of rediscovering the ancient traditions, thanks to the first wine productions of the highest quality.

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