Cantine Neri's Ca'Viti Orvieto sets the stage for earth and richness in a way that no white wine can boast. Mulch and wet leaves give way to tobacco and apples left on a window seal. A sudden sunrise of fruit appears on the first sip. A basket of fresh picked pears steals the show and leads the palate into a field of flowers. Less than a third of Chardonnay leaves this wine with a perfect finish that will last in taste, smell and thought.

Cantine Neri Orvieto

  • GRAPES: 40% Grechetto, 40% Procanico, 20% Chardonnay

    REGION: Umbria

    AGING PROCESS:  Maceration of the Grechetto and Chardonnay for 12 hours at 8°/10°C, followed by a soft press of the grapes. The must is clarified through cold settling for 24 hours at 8°C and fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 15°C. 

    TASTING NOTES:  Intense aroma of fresh white fruit notes, delicate floral bouquet, and almond background.  Well balanced by a good acidity and minerals.  There is a fruity and floral return, with structure and great length.


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