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Big, flavor punch in the mouth blended white. The winemaker creates a monster that defines what South Italy Imports is all about. This Friulano/Pinot Bianco blend has the grapes spending 40 days on the drying mats to add a deep flavor rarely found in a white wine. Hazelnut and candied fruit are some of the first impressions that you will get from a wine that finishes with a great delicacy of vanilla due to the chardonnay characteristic oaking. The big white wine to impress with!

Conte d'Attimis Ronco Broilo

  • Classification: White Wine
    Varietal: 45% Pinot Bianco, 55% Friulano

    Harvesting: manual harvesting by a qualified, suitably trained workforce from the last week in September with selection of the best grapes in the field and fast transfer to the cellar.

    Wine Process: prior “raisining” of the grapes on drying mats for 40 days in dry, well-ventilated rooms, followed by a white wine fermentation method (without skins) and gentle pressing of the grapes. Oak cask or barrel ageing where the wine remains until the final blending prior to bottling.

    Aging: in 500 litre Slavonian oak cask and the 225 litre French barrels to prevent the wine from clouding through to agitation of the fine lees. The wine remains “sur lies” until bottling. The ageing period continues in the bottle, stored horizontally in the sixteenth century underground estate cellar for at least six months after bottling.

    Notes: Straw yellow colour, rich in golden undertones. The delicate bouquet suggests hazelnuts, dates and candied fruits with a slight vanilla scent. A wine with an inviting, full bodied flavour and a reduced acidity level that contributes to the softness of the wine. An excellent balance and fine, long lasting aftertaste. Best served with entrées, “noble” and smoked fish. It makes a pleasant accompaniment to dishes with mushrooms and truffles. Ronco Broilo is also an interesting companion for full flavoured cheeses. 


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