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The Ferragù Carlo Estate Winery, with its distinctive yellow-ochre facade with parallel orange stripes, facing towards the expanse of vineyards tended with love and dedication, is located at Sorcè di Sopra, near Cellore, in Val d’Illasi in the lush and rich eastern part of the province of Verona.


Since 2002 the winery had passionately dedicated itself to the production of quality wines: Amarone di Valpolicella and Valpolicella Superiore.  It began experimenting with its first Amarone Valpolicella Ferragù in 1997 and this wine is the pride of the Estate Winery, a wine made from corvina, corvinone, rondinella and molinara grapes grown on the hillsides of Val d’Illasi, selected and lightly raisin-dried according to ancient traditions.

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