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Good quality wine is produced only if the vines are of good quality: this is why every day we are to be found in our vineyards meticulously directing the cultivation of our vines. We have chosen established vineyards with great potential and have nurtured them. We are attached to the local Salento grapes: Negroamaro, Primitivo and Malvasia Nera di Lecce and we have chosen only the land which is most suitable for planting new vines.  We also cultivate other varieties, but only Italian grapes. We choose the clones and our rooted cuttings are all selected locally.


Our vineyards are in Puglia, in the Salento peninsular, in the province of Lecce. They are concentrated in three areas: Monteroni, Ugento and Supersano and so have 3 different microclimates. At Masseria Pisari (Ugento) the red soil gives structure and body to the wine and the vicinity to the sea determines the flavour- red, well-structured wines come from these grapes. Whereas at Casina Abate Bosci (Monteroni) where the soil is more loamy, wines are red and structured but with a fresher aroma- here there are fresher reds and rosé. From fresher soil with greater water retention, from the vines of Masseria Bosco Belvedere (Supersano) come our more aromatic reds, whites and rosé with an elegant and delicate herbaceous note.

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