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The vineyards of the Tenuta Secolo winery extend along the inside of both the Castiglione a Casauria and Tocco da Casauria lands. Both are antique villages that have been maintained perfectly and lay right in the territories of the ‘Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park’ and of the ‘Maiella National Park’’.


For the Tenuta Secolo the harvest is a custom. The harvest begins every year in mid-August with the daily inspection of the grapes in the various vineyards. The inspection is followed by the squishing of the pedicel which leads to the wilting on the plants, usually during the last ten days during the month of August.


Then to conclude the harvest there is a delicate hand-picking of the grapes during the first week of September, after 10-15 days of wilting. The grapes are packed into baskets with total weights of 3-5 kilos. The quantity of grapes picked usually remain under 80 quintals per hectare and yield 40% wine.

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