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Seventy years ago in the heart of the Murgia hills that stretch between Turi and Gioia del Colle, Vito Donato Giuliani gave birth to this fact, led today by Raffaele Giuliani. Excellent geographical position and favorable climate allows the grapes to achieve the right degree of ripeness and transfer to the unmistakable quality wines specific to the territory, appreciable in 'intense red-violet color characteristic of Primitivo grapes and dell'Aleatico, vines symbol this wine-growing area.The company covers an area of ​​20 in the district has "under the channel called" near the archaeological findings of the upstream Sannace. The entire production cycle is followed with care and passion for quality wines from deposits still in hand, to vinification and bottling in order dall'Enotecnico Petrelli agronomist Luke and Vito Donato Giuliani.

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