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Strap on your boots Sasafras because its Pignolo night! The Pignolo (translates to "fussy") is a difficult to grow, yet elegant grape from Friuli. The dark ruby color instantly alerts the drinker that they are about to imbibe in something special. The raisining of the grapes along with almost 3 years in oak will give you a well balanced experience of dark fruits and plum.

Conte d'Attimis Pignolo

  • Varietal: 100% Pignolo

    Harvesting: Manual grape harvesting from the first half of October in raisining crates with selection of the best grapes in the field by a qualified, suitably trained workforce. 


    Wine Process: Prior “raisining” of the grapes on drying mats for 40 days followed by a red wine fermentation method involving prolonged maceration of the must and skins at a controlled temperature (28°C) to obtain a well structured wine. This is followed by pressing and completion of the alcoholic fermentation process. 


    Aging: in Slavonian oak casks holding 5,000 litres and smaller French oak barrels (for the first and second ageing periods) for at least 24-30 months. Ageing continues after bottling in the underground cellar for at least nine months prior to labeling.


    Notes: Intense ruby red colour with purple hues. The bouquet is expansive with notes of ripe red fruit, plum, fruits of the forest and mulberries, all elegantly enriched with a soft spiciness. The finish is almost balsamic with evident notes of eucalyptus and liquorice. It is powerful on the palate, extremely enveloping, balanced and soft. It has an excellent embellished finish and, as is a feature of this grape, a pleasant freshness and rich tannins that are lively but silky, guaranteeing a long lasting wine.


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