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A grape from antiquity, even Pliny the Elder wrote of the greatness of the Refosco grape. An intense ruby color introduce you to the wild berries and dark fruit nose. A faintness of licorice and spice give into a smokiness that finishes with berry jam and soft tannins.

Conte d'Attimis Refosco

  • Varietal: 100% Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso


    Harvesting: Manual grape harvesting from the first half of October in raisining crates with selection of the best grapes in the field by a qualified, suitably trained workforce. 


    Wine Process: Manual with a qualified, suitably trained workforce from the third ten days in September with selection of the best grapes in the field and fast transfer to the cellar.


    Aging: Red wine fermentation with prolonged maceration of the must and skins in modern steel wine makers at a controlled temperature (26 °C) to extract the characteristic aromas typical of this wine and the correct body. 


    Notes: Intense ruby red colour with violet hues. The aroma is rich with

    fruity hints of wild berries, raspberries and plums. The result is a very attractive bouquet with sensations suggesting liquorice and sweet spices with a smokiness. A balanced and harmonious wine, the flavour treats the palate to fruits with flavours of berry jam and characteristic smoky notes. Soft tannins support the persistent aftertaste.  It has remarkable freshness and strong tannins that ensure the wine’s longevity.

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