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Conte d'Attimis Ribula Brut

  • Grapes: 60% Ribolla Gialla, 40% Pinot Biano

    Process: Charmat second fermentation method. Long fermentation methods have always been favoured throughout the history of d’Attimis sparkling wines (now spanning over thirty years). This involves more than six months of maturation on the lees after second fermentation. When tasting wine from the autoclave, the striking element is the development that the product undergoes in this period. It certainly takes a long time to achieve the complexity and finesse of top-end sparkling wines. We aim to give maximum expression to our sparkling wine varieties and our tests have confirmed that our grapes reach their peak after approximately three months in the autoclave. This is why we have created a “three month” version of Ribula; a product that is striking because of the immediate response it produces in the glass, always typical of the variety and, of course, aromatic.


    Location of the vineyard:

    Hills belonging to the Sottomonte estate in Buttrio (UD), part of the Eastern Friuli Hills C.D.O. (controlled denomination of origin) area. Hill and foothill area, predominantly marly soil. East exposure.


    Training system.

    Double bending canes (called cappuccina).


    Harvest period - vinification methods.

    Manual harvesting carried out at the end of august. White wine fermentation with slight pressing of the grapes. Second fermentation in an autoclave (Charmat or Martinotti method).


    Sensory characteristics.

    Straw yellow colour with elegant greenish hues. The aroma suggests fields of flowers. The taste is dry and slightly bitter. The aftertaste is pleasantly fruity and floral with an elegant finish of bread crusts.


    Food and wine pairings.

    A fresh and fragrant sparkling wine with a reduced alcohol content, making it ideal as an aperitif or to drink at the start of a meal. Risotti and delicate first courses are a classic accompaniment for this wine. This wine is also excellent with crustaceans and seafood dishes such as steamed fish with delicate sauces.

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