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Looking to explore the true depths of undiscovered Italian varietals? This rare grape comes to you from the Friuli region, where its name translates to "cuts the tongue" due to its natural high acidity as a young wine. The wine maker creates a truly elegant experience by aging this wine for 3 years in oak barrels in order to soften the hard acidity. This rustic dry red wine will appease the cabernet sauvignon drinker. The results are a hearty and savory wine that is a necessary addition to any red wine drinkers cellar.

Conte d'Attimis Tazzelenghe

  • Classification: Red Wine
    Varietal: 100% Tazzelenghe

    Harvesting: manual grape harvesting from the first half of October in 4 kg raisining crates with selection of the best grapes in the field by a qualified, suitably trained workforce.

    Wine Process: prior “raisining” of the grapes on drying mats for 30 days followed by a red wine fermentation method involving prolonged maceration of the must and skins at a controlled temperature

    Aging: in Slavonian oak casks holding 5,000 litres and smaller French oak barrels (for the first and second ageing periods) for at least 24-30 months. Ageing continues after bottling in the underground cellar for at least nine months prior to labeling.

    Notes: The name (which, in local dialect, means “cuts the tongue”) would seem to stem from the sharpness of the young wine when it is naturally acidic. This acidity can become even more pronounced if the extraction of the tannins is excessive due to prolonged maceration. A hearty and robust wine, Tazzelenghe softens with the normal maturation processes associated with barrel ageing (oxidation and tannin condensation). The reddy violet colour, intense and winy when young, changes to a red with brick hues after ageing. The bouquet is expansive and pleasant with slightly woody undertones. 


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