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A 2008, 100% sangiovese, wine that is as strong as it is delicate. This wine comes from Suvereto, a traditional wine making area of Tuscany. A strong spicy nose sets the stage for the seriousness of this wine. The cherry flavor that is characteristic of sangiovese is persistant through out the palate while its savory finish has you constantly reaching for your glass.

Incontri Lorenzo Sangiovese

  • GRAPES: 100% Sangiovese


    REGION: Tuscany


    AGING PROCESS: Manually harvested, and held in oak.


    TASTING NOTES: Ruby red color, with shades of scarlet reflections.  Initial fruity notes of strawberry and red currant and final notes of vanilla and coffee.  An intense and well-balanced wine with unmistakable Tuscan character.

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