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A crisp, clean, minerality driven Chardonnay representative of the rocky southern Alps that make their way into northern Italy. With subtle hints of watermelon rind, lime, and pink peppercorn, this uniquely crisp Chard will transport you to a sunny hillside in the southern Alps with a face full of cool salty breezes from the Adriatic. Step outside the oak barrel for this stainless steel held chardonnay.

Casali Maniago Chardonnay

  • Classification: White Wine
    Varietal: Chardonnay 

    Wine Process: Fermentation with slight pressing of the grapes follows alcoholic fermentation to encourage the development of intense aromas. Ageing continues in stainless steel tanks to prevent the wine from clouding. The wine remains “sur lies” until bottling. Maturation continues in the bottle for at least three months.

    Notes: Bright straw-yellow color with slightly greenish undertones. A pleasant aroma which suggests white fleshed fruit, exotic fruits, apple, white flowers and bread crusts. The flavor is full bodied and warm with a reduced acidity level that contributes to the softness of the wine. The balance and velvety final taste are excellent. A wine that, with every sip, gives off pleasant and lasting sensations with a nicely mineral and lasting aftertaste.

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